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Stirling Engineering, Inc.


Professional Engineering Services, Consulting, and Manufacturing

Full Service Systems Integrator – Design and Build - Capital Equipment, Factory Automation, Robotic Workcells, Conveyors, and Tooling

Serving the Bay Area and Clients Worldwide since 1980

California General Engineering/Electrical Contractor, Licensed and Bonded Lic# 789231

Member San Jose BBB, Dun & Bradstreet #93-396-6509

377 Neilson Court, San Jose, CA. 95111-3852

Phone (408)229-2569 Fax (408)229-2533

Web site:

Stirling Engineering is a Consultation, Design, and Fabrication company which specializes in providing products and services to the Bio-Tech, Electronics, Semiconductor, Data Storage, and Automotive Industries. Stirling Engineering represents a team of engineers and technicians with a proven track record of success in their area of expertise. Think of Stirling Engineering as a Virtual Automation Department and General Contractor for Factory Automation and Production Equipment.

Equipment/Product Design

Stirling Engineering can provide Mechanical/Machine Design, Electrical Design, HMI Design, and PLC Programming for your project. We have extensive experience in the area of Cleanroom Automation, Factory Automation, Material Handling, and Process Equipment Design. Stirling Engineering provides clients with Product Designs which lower the cost of manufacturing.

Equipment Manufacturing

Stirling Engineering offers a comprehensive list of manufacturing services including: Material Procurement, Purchasing/Holding Company, System Integration, Modular Frame Construction, Custom Benches and Workstations, Mechanical Assembly, Control Cabinet Fabrication and Wiring, as well as High-Volume Manufacturing, and Assembly.

Custom Engineering

Stirling Engineering can rework components to your specifications to meet cleanroom, high-vacuum, or other extreme environmental requirements. We can retool your equipment for a new product or process. We can also lower your costs by duplicating existing equipment.

Contract Manufacturing

Stirling Engineering is a provider of custom manufactured components and subsystems, with an emphasis on quality workmanship, engineering integrity, and customer service. Consider Stirling Engineering when outsourcing component or subassembly manufacturing.

Facilities Upgrades

Stirling Engineering can provide Facilities Upgrades including Equipment Installation, Setup and Anchoring, Seismic Bracing w/P.E. Approval and Verification, Electrical Contracting Service, and building modifications such as Cleanrooms, Walls, Doors, and Windows.

Contact: Greg Stirling for more details on how to add

Stirling Engineering to your list of resources

(408) 229 2569



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